[translated from the original, in catalan]

A few days ago I found a page that was a completely waste of time: a silly flash animation that would change when refreshing. Seems that, just like me, many people got to procrastinate with the dumb site. As an ‘extreme’ challenge, I thought I could use the trivial contents to tell a story (brief one, since so many links can make it annoying). The result is as follows, and I invite bloggers to take the challenge (be it through that site, Google images or whatever) and the readers to… well, to waste some more time…

I was feeling quite [O], about four months ago I ended a relationship of more than thirteen years… actually, it was more like the relationship ended with me, through [O]. I met Mary, my [O], at school. We experienced the sexual wakening together and we stayd a couple since those times of [O]. You get so used to something that ends up being part of you and, when you lose, has to be very similar feeling to someone losing a limb: it’s not there, but you still feel it. I was like [O]. Read the rest of this entry »


when I was shorter I promised the wife of the son of my grandma’s sister that I’d assemble the wood model of a sail ship she gifted me with…
when I was getting close to my current height, I promised myself that from that moment on I wouldn’t cry for dumb things, or at least I’d resist in front of the ones that would enjoy it…
to my ex-girlfriend, I promised I’d teach her spanish, and that I’d take her to go surfing…
a few times I’ve promised myself, not really convinced, that I’d quit smoking…

unfulfilled promises, some with somewhat of a hope to accomplish them…

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this blog was meant as a port for my catalan site… but… don’t really feel like translating each (or just some, from time to time) post… so well… I’ll keep it open for an uncertain future, but for now… you better learn catalan (slang mode) to enjoy my oh-so-funny-and-interesting contributions to the web… or not, that’s fine… who cares anyway…

[originally posted the 14th of May, 2008]

after doing the time lapse video (or 1814 moments [not translated]) I started another little experiment… not excessively elaborated (because of lack of time, or patience, in front of the slow laptop) but curious nevertheless…

it’s the definitive solution for those meetings where you have to see a thousand seven hundred and twenty nine pictures (and a half) of uncle Nicolas’ Torremolinos [tiny town of Spain] to Kamtchatka trip…

it’s  about infratemporal osmosis visual impregnation!


epileptics avoid this… Read the rest of this entry »

ok… for the ones that don’t know him… wiki it! Rube was a dude that invented absurdly complex machines to achieve a simple objective. There’s still enthusiam in creating those nowadays, there’s a japanese contest about it (those people really have cool, funny and creative contests!), and there’s a classic on computer gaming: The incredible machine, where you can build those machines virtually…  (oh, and some also do that virtual machines with Half-Life engine, taking advantadge of its realistic physics engine) Read the rest of this entry »

where a equals this event, which happened in Grafton street this February (and I missed it, at least I have u-tub)…
b equals the high number of proud scots with kilt that I saw saturday for the 6 nations match due in Dublin
and c… hmmm… c c c… c would be like…
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… we were having a celebration, for the recent marriage of a coworker… at Rosebud… and although I don’t remember the last moments of the night, I do recall a situation from the first hours:

– Manelic standing by my side, his wife, Maria Rosa, sitting nearby.
– the waitress walks away, and I softly and jokingly hit Manelic as a punishment, as he was looking the wrong place [read: the hot waitress]
– “Hey, why did you hit me?” Read the rest of this entry »

… I’m stuck with a dumb face… the reason, told in narrated photograms:

– Xai [me] at the supermarket, buy soap, cause it’s about to finish
– Oh, ohffer [sale… but like Oh-Offer] x product+dermoabrasive or something skin care handsoap stuff
– Xai on the way home, proud of the sale, without weird deals nor illegal issues
– Xai organizes and distributes the bought goods, oh, soap and handsoap, tied together through a strong plastic relationship
– Xai picks the first thing he sees to break the link… um… car keys, right on the table…

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no way poor her, she’s quite alive and… shaking it? [“vivita y coleando” is an spanish idiom for “very alive”, which I then casually translated to catalan “viva i cuejant”; vivir: live; colear: moving the tail] anyway, probably the only book beginning I recall is that one… impacting enough to remain in my volatile memory, so, now that I’m starting the blog (and who knows if I’m ending it too) be it with a strong sentence, even if it’s from a stranger [referring to Camus book, The stranger]

(to be continued?)

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I start this blog right after a year my first one was born… and, at first, it will only be a translation of posts written there. why would I do that? well… as I recently moved to an english speaking country, I want to keep this as an exercise of language learning, to improve my skills for deeper or more complex communication (for which I feel comfortable in my native languages, catalan and spanish)… and then, maybe more importantly, to broaden the spread of my thoughts, comments and stupidities (am I generous or what?!?)… mainly among people I’m meeting in this new stage of my life, who don’t happen to understand a word of my homeland languages. In any case, I know my english (engrish?) words will get a bit messy when I try to express certain ideas and topics but… hey, gotta try!

so… without further ado… here we go!